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Caching in Rails

One can perform caching in rails on different levels

All these issues are covered by plugin cache_fu. Definitely you should look through presentation available on the plugin's page.

Caching in rails is covered to great extent in

The simple problem

I have to solve the following problem:

Cache pages/actions only for unauthorized users.

Existing solutions

There are some published solutions:

My solution

A great many lines of code are written for implementing caching in rails. But I would like to add one more small chunk:

# Use this instead of caches_action
def caches_action_unless_auth(*actions)
  options = nil
  options = actions.pop if actions.last.is_a?(Hash)
  @@check_auth_count ||= 0
  before_method = "check_auth_methods_#{(@@check_auth_count += 1)}".to_sym
  self.class_eval do
    define_method(before_method) do
      if authenticated?
        self.action_name += '_auth'
    actions.each do |action|
      define_method(action.to_s + '_auth') do
        render :action=>action unless performed?
  before_filter before_method, :only=>actions
  actions << options if options
  caches_action  *actions

Cache is used and created only if controller method authenticated? returns true. Line

self.action_name += '_auth'
is really tricky, but works!

Method caches_action_unless_auth could receive options passed to caches_action. So it can be used along with cache_fu and conditional_caching plugins.

-- ArtemVoroztsov - 22 Mar 2008