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Агентная платформа - это промежуточный исполнительный уровень, который находится между агентами и операционной системой. В некоторых случаях платорма может опираться не на саму операционную систему, а использовать уже существующую надстройку/платформу. Такой надстройкой может служить, например, Java Virtual Machine или .NET Framework. Ни что не мешает, впрочем, разработать агентную платформу, которая будет опираться на уже существующую агентную платформу.

В таблице перечисленны "свободные" (выпускаемые согласно GPL-подобным лицензиям) "живые" агентные платформы, доступные для Ваших самостоятельных исследований и экспериментов

Название Язык Компания Комментарии
JADE Java   JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) is a software framework fully implemented in Java language. It simplifies the implementation of multi-agent systems through a middle-ware that claims to comply with the FIPA specifications and through a set of tools that supports the debugging and deployment phase. The agent platform can be distributed across machines (which not even need to share the same OS) and the configuration can be controlled via a remote GUI. The configuration can be even changed at run-time by moving agents from one machine to another one, as and when required.
Jadex Java   Поддержка BDI-архитектуры для агентов Jade
Jade.NET C#/J#/VB University Utah, MS Research, Actually it is possible to implement aplications with Jade 3.0b1 and .NET. That is actually done through an ANT build file using as a target "dotnet". The ANT target to compile JADE under .NET was kindly provided by Steffen Rusitschka (Siemens) and Robert Kessler (Univ. Utah). Moreover there is a site from the university of Utah available with some working examples in VB, C#, CPP and J# using Jade 2.6 and .NET.
FIPA-OS Java Emorphia,MITRE, Nortel,... Agent research began explicitly with the formation of the Agent Technology Group in 1996 in what was then called Bell Northern Research, and subsequently Nortel Technology, and finally (after the acquisition of Bay Networks in 1998), Nortel Networks. Since the release of FIPA-OS there have been over 50,000 downloads and over 30 contributors including Sonera Corporation, The MITRE Corporation, Nortel Networks and many others. Quick take, lot's of corporate contributions.
ABLE Java IBM Agent Building and Learning Environment (ABLE) is a Java framework, component library, and productivity tool kit for building intelligent agents using machine learning and reasoning
Cougaar C++ DARPA Cougaar is a Java-based architecture for the construction of large-scale distributed agent-based applications. It is a product of two consecutive, multi-year DARPA research programs into large-scale agent systems spanning eight years of effort. The first program conclusively demonstrated the feasibility of using advanced agent-based technology to conduct rapid, large scale, distributed logistics planning and replanning. The second program is developing information technologies to enhance the survivability of these distributed agent-based systems operating in extremely chaotic environments. The resultant architecture, Cougaar, provides developers with a framework to implement large-scale distributed agent applications with minimal consideration for the underlying architecture and infrastructure. Keyphrases large scale and survivability!
Grasshopper Java IKV Technologies With the second generation of the Grasshopper Agent Platform - which has been officially released in spring 2000 - a new age of software agent technology and adaptive communication and information application development has begun. The IKV++ Technolgies AG is distributing the new Grasshopper platform at this website free of charge for non commercial use. IKV is developing advanced software solutions in context of next generation integrated telecommunication environments (voice data convergence), third generation mobile telecommunication systems (UMTS), and particularly mobile commerce based on Grasshopper 2.
Zeus C++ British Telecom ZEUS toolkit provides a library of software components and tools that facilitate the rapid design, development and deployment of agent systems. Composed of an agent component library, agent building tools and visualization tools. Developed at British Telecom
Game Platforms
Quake C++    
UnrealTournament? UnrealScript?
RoboCup? -    
Agent Simulation
NetLogo Java/Logo   Кроссплатформенная среда моделирования многоагентных систем с простым языком описания поведений агентов
SWARM C   Моделирование и анализ колоний искусственной жизни
Ascape Java   Моделирование и анализ колоний искусственной жизни
XRaptor C++    
JAS Java   JAS is a Java toolkit for creating agent-based simulations. It features a discrete-event time engine, APIs for network simulation design, powerful yet easy-to-use implementations of Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks and Classifier Systems.
SOMA Java Università di Bologna We have developed a Java-based Mobile Agent framework capable of answering the requirements of scalability, dynamicity, openness and security that are typical in the Internet scenario.
It has been designed to achieve two main objectives: security and interoperability. On the one hand, SOMA is based on a thorough security model and provides a wide range of tools and mechanisms to build and enforce flexible security policies. On the other hand, SOMA can interoperate with different application components designed with different programming styles; it grants interoperability by closely considering compliance with CORBA and MASIF. In addition to its security and interoperability features, SOMA provides the location abstractions needed for achieving scalability in a global scenario, and is dynamically configurable and manageable, also via Web-based interfaces.
SeSam Java   SeSAm? (Shell for Simulated Agent Systems) provides a generic environment for modelling and experimenting with agent-based simulation. We specially focused on providing a tool for the easy construction of complex models.

Важным вопросом является наличие билиотек, которые необходимы агенту для успешного выполнения поставленных целей и задач.

-- AndreyUstyuzhanin - 04 Mar 2004

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